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After cutting myself using a traditional knife sharpener, I decided to look for another option and that is when I found Xarp's knife sharpener. They have improved my confidence in the kitchen and removed the scariness of sharpening a knife. 

- Candice Walter

This product is so essential to me. Before, I used to have to take my knifes to a professional to have them sharpened, but now with a few swipes I am able to sharpen my knife as if it was brand new. 

Chelsey Evans

I was very surprised when I bought this product and saw how effective and simple it is, now, everyone I know uses it. 

- Stephany Emilia

I am not someone who loves cooking, but this sharpener has been a life saver. It makes cutting much easier and the simplicity of it helps its efficiency and makes it essential on my kitchen.

Douglas Parker


Japanese Steel combined with Swiss Engineering

At XARP we really care about providing the best quality in the market, which is why our product is composed of the best available in the market in order to achieve the sharpest edge without damaging the blade